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How B/J's relationship parallels B/M's in 507 [Jun. 22nd, 2005|06:42 am]
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This is my first try writing an essay, just so you know ^_^

I just got done watching the previews on www.sho.com for episode 507, and noticed something that might be interesting. About how Justin and Brian's current relationship parallels Brian and Michael's friendship a while back. [Since I have yet to see the episode, there are no spoilers past that scene. It's best if you watch the clip on Showtime before reading this so you know what I'm talking about :D]

Okay, so the scene starts off with Brian and Michael arguing. Brian blames Michael for "infecting" Justin and making him leave. Michael calls Brian pathetic. Blah blah blah. The thing that I noticed, is that when Brian goes, "Before you and your husband tied the noose around your necks, he was perfectly happy," he's pointing to himself. I might be reading this wrong, and everyone might see this a different way, but I don't think Brian is talking about Justin at all. This whole conversation is going back to late season one/early season two Michael.

Michael used to be literally attached to brian's side at all times. Waiting for Brian. I think Brian thought that Michael was happy like that, but he learns that, Michael was "never perfectly happy," as Michael yells about Justin in 507. Michael, like Justin was "Waiting years for [Brian] to say 'I love you. You're the only one'. Brian goes ballistic, yelling, "That's not who I am!" To which Michael shoots back, "Don't we all know!"

By the look on Michael's face, he's ready to lose it. Michael has been waiting for more than sixteen years for Brian to say those words to him, but Brian could never say them. So he moved on, marrying Ben and making a home. Same as Justin is trying to do now. Justin wants the same thing Michael wanted from Brian, but like Michael, he could never get it, so he left. Just like Michael did.

Now, Brian still insists that Michael somehow convinced Justin that Brian + Justin + marriage = no fucking way = run. So Michael lets Brian have it. "He didn't leave because I infected him. He left because of you. Who wouldn't!?"

Justin would. And he did. Just like Michael has. I love Gale's acting during this scene, because you can tell by the face that he makes that this statement hit him pretty hard. This whole conversation [IMO, mind you. Don't go all insane on me.] is a complete parallel of when Michael moved on and "broke up" with Brian, you could say.

Just something I noticed and thought I would share. I could be completely wrong about it, and you might have thought of it a different way. No big deal we all have our opinions. Maybe you can write an essay explaining why I totally missed the mark and am completely crazy =]

It's short, but sweet. Tell me what you think. ^_^


[User Picture]From: pluvial_poetry
2005-06-22 04:42 pm (UTC)
It was actually short and sweet. Thanks for posting it!

And it's a really interesting topic, I think. Because obviously Brian has so many issues about people leaving him or not loving him enough to accept him as he is. And the fact that he does, in his own way, try really hard to keep his loved ones close to him. But they just keep moving on anyway... it's sad. And then he goes looking for someone to blame, just because he can't face the fact that it's kind of his fault that they leave. Because he just can't be what Justin and Michael need.

So yeah, I enjoyed the essay. Feel free to write more. :D
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