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Queer as Folk Essays

because meta is good...

Queer As Folk Essays
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Haven't you always wanted to express and read theories on Queer as Folk?

Why you think Brian was abused as a child? Your theory on Michael's Oedipus Complex? Why Emmett would look really awesome as a blonde? Why Ted/Justin is your OTP?

qaf_essays! Dedicated to meta on all aspects of Queer as Folk.

~~ Essays can focus on any and all aspects of Queer as Folk;

- the characters
- the relationships
- speculation on the upcoming season (under a spoiler warning/cut)
- the actors
- CowLip
- fanfiction
- fandom

Call it a rant, a letter, or a dissertation on QAF, I don't care. It's all meta to me. It should be over 150 words however, but that shouldn't be an problem.

If you'd like ideas on what to write - check out this list.

And if you'd like to know if your essay is acceptable before posting, contact me! - RoxieAnn71022@aol.com

~~ Essays can be posted by every member of the community and comments are accepted by everyone. When posting, please type in a subject that summarizes the essay, as that will make sorting them easier.

(Every essay posted will be categorized in one or more section of the community's memories to make it easier for everyone to find the topics that interest them.)

~~ Posts and comments should comply to general etiquette. Disagreement is good, because it encourages discussion on the essays. But no personal attacks. No name calling and so on..

~~ And just because I'm calling it an essay doesn't mean that it has to be serious! Fandom mockery and ship bashing are okay as long as it doesn't get too over the top. Be mature. And be aware that post after post of "B/M is stupid" will get real old, real fast.

Posts that I find offensive will be deleted, repeat offenders will be banned.

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