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Analysis of Michael and Brian included in recap... [May. 28th, 2005|05:17 pm]
Queer As Folk Essays


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Kinetic Presents: BABYLON!
Michael comes in and finds Brian wandering around aimlessly, as usual. He tells Mikey that he’s sorry about his baby. Mikey thinks he means JR, but Brian was talking about Rage. Mikey says he has more important things to worry about and why did Brian leave him the urgent message?
Brian says he wants Michael to leave MeLins alone and let them work things out on their own. Michael asks what business of Brian’s is it and who the fuck does he think he is. “I’m Gus’s father, that’s who the fuck I am.” Okay then. Not to be outdone, Michael counters with, “You had to lose a ball before you knew he was alive!” And like, dude, harsh. But warranted. I actually think it was the best line of Mikey’s life. It’s so ballsy and open and Brian can’t even respond. The look on his face is one of wonderment, and a little fear, like when did he start being able to talk to me like this? Usually I’m the one who talks shit. Mike apologizes, but the damage is already done. I started to wonder about Brian’s motivations here. We assume that he’s doing this for Lindsey, but we know Brian, and we know that Mikey is Brian’s best friend. So why is he doing this. The following is my theory; come along won’t you?...

I think that Brian and Michael are finally at a crossroads in their relationship. They’ve been mad at each other before, but it’s always been because of something spontaneous that Brian has done, and in effect he has done it for Mikey in a way. Like when Brian pushed him away so he would move away with Dr. Dave. He felt he had to get Michael to hate him for him to finally move on. Brian has been Timmy to Mike’s Lassie, but I think the leash is starting to loosen and Lassie’s starting to lead the way. Michael has a new set of values; he has a husband now, two kids, and a new ugly house. He is kind of putting his past behind him and moving forward which is something that Brian has been unable to do. For goodness sakes he just got his first real boyfriend and he’s 30! Brian is starting to see Michael move on without him and I think he will go to any lengths to not let that happen. Brian knows Mike should move on, but he really doesn't want him to. Because for Brian, moving on equals a passage of time, and time equals age which equals death. The problem is that Brian is messing with more than just Mike’s emotions towards him, there are children and lesbians involved and I don’t think Brian has taken that fully into account. This seems like the beginning of something foul in BriMi land and I don’t like it.

Michael goes on to explain that he doesn’t want his daughter being raised by two battling lesbians. He turn to go, but Brian stops him,

“When did you change?” He asks Michael, “When did you become this pious, sanctimonious twit?” Michael turns around and brilliantly replies,

“The point is not when did I change, the point is why haven’t you?” One thing we know is that Brian hates self-reflection so he takes this time to admonish Mikey for moving up and making pronouncements on everyone else’s life. Mikey has always been that way, but I get that Brian is trying to make a point here, and for the most part I think he’s right, just in the wrong way. Michael has always been judgmental and has always wanted to be kind of the upper crest of society, especially since it’s opposite of how he grew up. The issue is that argument has nothing to do with this one so we know that Brian is reaching. “Welcome to the other side of your perfect gay marriage Mikey, it’s called gay divorce.” Brian expects this to shake Mike up, but Mike just shakes his head,

“I’m just trying to do what’s best for my daughter, and protect my rights. I’m sorry you can’t see that.” This is also a hit to the time when Brian flopped back and forth with giving up his parental rights. I think the universal truth here is that Brian knows Michael is a better person than him, but he never wants Michael to believe it, because then the power is shifted. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, now for your regularly scheduled recap…